counseling services

(PREP) Providing Resources to Empower People is an outpatient clinical counseling center with professional experienced therapists. Our therapist work collaboratively with individuals, families, schools and private or government entities.

We focus on servicing children, adolescents and adults resolve life transitions, depression, anxiety, anger management and relational conflict. Implementing multiple empirical driven interventions based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Person Centered Therapy to work as a team to resolve and assist clients with overcoming mental barriers that inhibit living fully.

Other Services

Therapy Services

PsychYouOut Institute offers tailored therapy services, prioritizing mental health, growth, and resilience for individual well-being and healing. Please tap/click the link to fill out intake forms.

School Services

PsychYouOut Institute offers comprehensive school services, including counseling, workshops, and support programs, fostering students' mental well-being and academic success.

Diagnostic Assessment Services

PsychYouOut Institute conducts precise diagnostic assessments, ensuring accurate insights for effective mental health interventions and support.

Professional Job Training

PsychYouOut Institute delivers top-notch professional job training, equipping individuals with essential skills and expertise for successful career development and advancement.

Social Services

PsychYouOut Institute provides vital social services, fostering community engagement, support networks, and resources for individuals aiming for holistic well-being and connection.

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